Daniel Brierley - Chi Kung Instructor and Craniosacral Therapist

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Healthy Living Centre, 282-284 St. Pauls Road, Islington N1 2LH

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For nearly 20 years I have been studying and working with a variety of complementary health systems including Shiatsu,Traditional Thai Massage, Holistic massage, Hypnotherapy, Western Herbalism and Chi Kung.


Craniosacral Therapy is a wonderful gentle balancing treatment. it can help treat such a wide variety of physical and emotional health issues. It can be a profound tool and aid transformation and change.

It can support and enhance other treatment approaches and is a very effective therapy. It is suitable for all ages from the very young to the elderly. I work with women throughout pregnancy, and also with babies and young children.


Intergrated Body work, is a treatment I offer on request. It is a combiation of Shiatsu,massage, craniosacral therapy and chi kung. With this treatment approach I can combine and create a treatment approach to suite the individual need of the client. It  brings together all my experience in working with a variety of Therapies, and can include breathing and chi Kung exercises. It is and interesting and creative appoach to bodywork.


Chi Kung because it offers the individual the opportunity to really learn about themselves. How to look at and listen to their own body. Combining physical exercise and breathing techniques, and the philosophy of change. Developing a calmer more balanced outlook and a stronger and healthier body


As well as working in two different clinics one in Worthing, Laroma Therapies, and the Healthy living centre in Highbury north london. I am also a senior instructor at the college of Elemental Chi Kung, and I teach private one-one sessions, weekly classes and workshops.

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